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All our rates are flexible, especially if you're looking to do a larger project like an EP or full-length album. We'd love to discuss your next recording endeavor, send us a message to set up a free consultation over the phone or in person.
All rates include an engineer.

Record in our pro-equipped home studio. You'll have full access to our collection of vintage instruments, a diverse microphone locker, and an array of oddities like theremins and modded rotary phone mics!



Achieve your dream mix through our combination of analog and digital gear and effects. We'll mix your Electric Church session, or you can send us your sessions recorded elsewhere and we'll help bring your track to life. 




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Looking for video content? We're open to all your ideas! Live in-studio video of your session, teasers for your upcoming release, fully-produced music videos and more. Please contact us to discuss pricing.


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Improve your career by optimizing your brand development, creating a strategic marketing plan and more, all made to fit your needs. Pricing based on case-by-case basis. 

Interested in renting our space for your next event, video shoot, etc.? We'd love to hear your idea! Pricing determined by details of the event. 

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